Saturday, March 26, 2011

What do you do when winter won't let go? Head for a warmer climate!

  I made my third trip to Belize this month and it did not disappoint.  Caught lots of bonefish on the flats, snook in the backwater,  and even hooked a couple of Tarpon that got the better of me.  We even put down the fly rods and hit the deep water for a day.  Barracuda, Wahoo, and sharks.  Oh yeah,  all of this in 85 degree weather.  How can you beat it?  It was staying around the freezing mark back home with rain, sleet, and snow every day.

The Good Times Are Coming

     The weather is warming up, the trout are getting hungry, and the turkey are starting to gobble.  It will not be too long from now that we will be back on the water catching big trout, walleyes, pike, bass, and hopefully a couple of muskies.  And oh yes,  putting the hammer down on a couple of Eastern Gobblers!      This is a new blog and my first of many posts,  so these pics are a recap of last year and hopefully a show of things to come for this year.