Thursday, May 9, 2013

Living The Dream

          I do not really know what to say other than.... does it get any better that this?  Two beautiful days on two different rivers.  Thank you to Jim from the Dudewater Blog and Orvis Cleveland and also Alex, who guides out of Ohio for coming over to fish.  Great weather, great fishing, and spending time with other FISHAHOLICS.  Like the title of this post says...Living The Dream

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Turn!! Spring Gobbler 2013

          After calling in a bird for my dad on opening day, I finally connected on my third time out this season.  I set up about 150 yards from this bird in the tree.  After some heavy cutting on a mouth call to a bird that was so hot in the tree that it gobbled at 5:15 am this morning,  I watched as he appeared on the trail in front of me at about 100 yards out.  Once he was visible I just shut up and let the decoy do the work.  He was spiting, drumming, and strutting all the way to the decoy for what seemed like half an hour but was really about 5 minutes.  I had to talk to myself to get my hands and legs to quit shaking during his long approach.  Once he was in range I played the (lets see how close he will get) game until he stretched his neck out real nice and I couldn't help but end it there.  16 paces later I was standing over him.  A great morning and a great hunt!  Taking my brother out on Thursday for a bird that I heard gobbling on my way out of the woods this morning.  Hopefully I will be posting pics of his bird on Thursday night.